Firm History

LandCap Investment Partners, LLC was formed to become a premier investment firm specializing in mixed use and housing sector investments. The firm was founded in 2011 by two principals and partners who have worked together for 20 years.

The vision of the firm reflects the track record of its founding partners, all successful businessmen and investors. This vision is shared by LandCap partners and associates.

LandCap was formed with these key objectives in mind:

  • To generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns for its investors and partners
  • Positively impact communities and create sustainable environments
  • Work collaboratively with all LandCap stakeholders, including city / government officials, landowners, financial institutions, and investors, and
  • Mitigate the cyclical nature of land entitlement and real estate investing by working with “best in class” venture partner counter parties in asset and property management, land development and construction oversight with deep housing experience and multifamily operations.

These objectives are the basis of LandCap’s Mission Statement:

For the benefit of our LandCap Stakeholders, we recycle real estate assets for the reuse, redevelopment, repositioning, and repurposing of unique and opportunity-laden land and existing property assets in prime core locations with irreplaceable constrained supply.